Clear Conscience

Love Vibes EP

by Clear Conscience

Released 2011
Released 2011
Sharing the "Love Vibes" through the most powerful energy of music with other amazing artist. This EP will make any mood brighten and is one to heal the nation. Spread the Love Vibes and raise this album to the top of the charts with us!
Clear Conscience & Friends "Love Vibes" is the 9th album release. This EP is very special in the sense that it was compiled over the last year with artist we have shared the stage with or the studio with to release one loving, epic album! This EP is 6 tracks strong giving you the lustful vibes with collaborations with such greats as Eddie Blunt of High Tide, E.N Young, Joel Castillo of 77 Jefferson, Aaron Borowitz of Thrive, Skillinjah, Josh Heinrichs & Steve Jacobo of Tribal Seeds.
This album shows the unity and love for music that all of us as artist infuse this world with. Please buy this EP, Dont burn it for friends and help us give you a full length album in 2012. It's time to hit the top of the charts!! Thanks for your love and support!