Clear Conscience

In To History

by Clear Conscience

Released 2009
Released 2009
Reggae meets Rock, gets drunk at the bar invites over hip hop for a menage and 9 months later on Maury you find out who the babies daddy is.
Clear Conscience formed in 2003 bringing you our first release High Tide. We than teamed up with the hitting sounds of Scott Roughwood and made a cult classic titled "What's Inside Counts"! A few years of brainstorming, planning and collaborating brings you this new amazing album with definite hit tracks-In To History! With heavy energy, open vibes and meaningful lyrics this album is a must for any lover of music. Collaborations with Dub Passenjah (Daddy Scotty of Chapter 11), Matt Velasquez of Drum Major Instinct (Formerly the lead singer of Rebelution), Scortcha straight from Jamaica, Kris Ransom giving his voice and knowledge from the street, and world Famous Edley Shine of Born Jamericans, this album is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Only 500 copies of this album were pressed and over 300 of them are sold prior to cdbaby getting there copies so come get them fast because they will not last! Tell your friends, tell there friends, spread clear conscience like a disease! If you love this album not much waiting for you as we have a new album dropping in April 2009!
Much love and respect to all