Clear Conscience

Herbal Remedy (Bonus Track Version)

by Clear Conscience

Released 2010
Released 2010
Announced as "THE BEST REGGAE ALBUM OF 2010"!! Blending Reggae, Dub, Rock, Hip Hop and even some Jazz, there is no wonder this album has made an impact heavily! Come listen, buy and support!
Clear Conscience 5th album release, Clear Conscience and Friends "Herbal Remedy". This album is just that! Its one that you can pop in, kick back, and just enjoy life for a little over an hour. Its the "Audable Remedy"! With such love and passion put into this album it is no surprise that the sounds of this album can be heard over the airwaves in Hawaii and California. Blending soulful collaborations is what Clear Conscience does best and this album is proof that it's being done to its fullest! This album features such greats as Hani of Katchafire, Pdub of the Predator Dub Assassins, Dub Passenjah, Toko Tasi (Skunk Records) and Doug Means, Wild Life, Josh Heinrichs (Formerly of Jah Roots), Ross of Faded Chroniclez, Mike of Orange Grove, The soulful sensual singing of Universal Speakers, and Hip hop flavor with Laiv3 and No Needz. All proceeds for the first 3 months of this album go to FeedTheChildren so please spread the word and make a difference!! It's a win win situation! Great music in exchange for helping children get meals and survive!! Respect